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            2. About Us
              eHealth China (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. (eHealth China) was established in Xiamen, China at the end of 2003, as a wholly owned foreign enterprise operating in China. eHealth China is a wholly owned subsidiary of eHealth Inc.

              We believe in people as our most valuable assets. Our mission is to provide most professional and best support for eHealth Inc, to fulfill our goal and our dream as one team. We advocate innovation, continuous learning, growth mindset, ownership, respect, trust, transparency and servant leadership in working place. 
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              eHealth China (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd.
              Address: 9F, ChuangXin Building,Xiamen Software Park (361005)
              Bus station: Zhenzhuwan Station, Zengcuoanxilu Station, Xibianshe Station
              Tel: 0592 2517000
              Fax: 0592 2513555